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Civil War Coehorn Mortar - collectibles - by owner - sale This is a fully functional, full-scale reproduction 24 Pound Coehorn Mortar built to original Civil War era specifications Not a toy! The tube was cast of naval bronze by ,
COEHORN MORTAR - buckstix 12 pound Coehorn Mortar Cannon ,by: Buck Stix ***** THE FERAL HUNT WITH A COEHORN MORTAR ***** BUCKSTIX DEER SCENT MADE THIS HUNT POSSIBLE The 12 pound Coehorn Mortar was actually a "short-barreled" cannon used by both sides during the American Civil War Most of the smaller Civil War Mortars had their barrels fixed at a 45 degree angle
COEHORN MORTAR 25 COEHORN MORTAR 25" BORE CIVIL WAR replica For Sale from EZACANNONSALES | No feedback Yet View | Verified Seller View Sellers Items Description: This fine mortar was machined out of solid steel and is designed to withstand the pressures of black powder It is made for live firing and can fire a 2625" ball or it is perfectly bored for a soda .
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Coehorn Mortars - Mortars - Civil War with a Bang! Coehorn Mortars The Coehorn Mortar Models of 1838 and 1841, were used by both sides during the Civil War The weapon was named after a Dutch engineer, Baron van Menno Coehoorn (with two ‘o’s) The good baron, a Dutchman by way of Sweden is a little known military engineer of the 17th century During the Anglo-Dutch Wars, he perfected a .
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MORTAR BARREL - buckstix The Coehorn Mortar Model 1838, which was used by both sides during the Civil War, was named after the Dutch inventor, Baron van Menno Coehoorn (1641-1704) This original "24 pound Coehorn Mortar" had a bronze tube weighing 164 pounds and was mounted on a wooden Mortar "Bed" weighing an additional 131 pounds
How to Build and Launch a Civil War-Style Mortar Soda Can , Mar 03, 2016· Launch A Soda Can Cannon , The original Coehorn mortar was pioneered by a Dutchman named Baron von Menno Coehoorn in the late 17th century These guns were mounted on a wooden bed and typically served by at least a four-man crew Early mortars were constructed from either bronze or iron, and they typically fired hollow iron balls filled with .
Coehorn Mortar 12lb, Full Scale, 3″ Bore - hernironworks CAN39 – Coehorn Mortar, full scale, 3″ bore, 75#, 13-1/2″ long The Coehorn Mortar has always been popular here at Hern Iron Works The original period pieces had a larger bore with a reduced powder chamber; some time in the 90’s we were getting enough interest in a larger bore for this guy that we started making a 3″ bore version
MC0607 Coehorn Mortar - dixiegunworks This is a full scale mortar The Coehorn was the lightest piece designed to be carried by two men and was the most portable of the regular mortars Our reproduction is a cast iron piece with a straight 1/4" steel liner; welded backplate 2 1/4" bore Mortar weight 80 pounds and is 13 3/4" in overall length Diameter is 6" at the breech, 6 1/2" at the muzzle with 2 1/8" trunnions
Coehorn, soda can blackpowder mortar for sale Coehorn Soda can mortar built by known cannon builder Bought it a couple of years ago, but never fired it It will launch a cemen for sale by The Coastal Gun on GunsAmerica - 913160936
Civil War Era Mortars - CivilWarWiki Larger siege and seacoast mortars are sometimes incorrectly referred to as Coehorns At the time of the Civil War, three sizes of siege and seacoast mortars were common and considered standard: the 8-inch, the 10-inch, and the 13-inch mortar 8-inch and 10-inch siege mortars had a maximum ranges of 2,225 and 2,064 yards, respectively, but their effective ranges were much shorter
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Black Powder Golf Ball Mortar - CannonFuse Black Powder Golf Ball Mortar (Black Powder Cannons) Barrel Length: 5 1/2 Bore Size: 1 3/4 (Golf Ball) Maximum Charge: 140 Grains ffG (9 grams) Weight: 6 1/2 lbs Barrel adjusts and locks at any angle Base plate has holes for optional mounting
Confederate Coehorn Mortar - YouTube Sep 11, 2015· This video is about Confederate Coehorn Mortar Jay Leno has the first look at the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray - Jay Leno's Garage - Duration: 7:46 Jay Leno's Garage 1,188,186 views New
black powder cannons - Artillery Photos All blackpowder products we sell are meant for recreational and display use only Our cannons should always be used under the supervision of an adult who is knowledgeable in the use of blackpowder ordnance Misuse of any cannon or mortar may result in serious injury or death
Coehorn mortar test fire - YouTube Mar 16, 2011· Coehorn mortar with 700 grains of black powder and a 6 pound concrete projectile, Range 200 yards Coehorn mortar with 700 grains of black powder and a 6 pound concrete projectile, Range 200 yards .
Looking for a 24 pound Coehorn mortar setup - n-ssa Apr 18, 2019· Hey folks, looking for a 24 pound Coehorn mortar setup, anyone know of anything in decent shape etc, give me a text or ring, 919-922-5346 Jonathan 1st South Carolina
Black Powder Mortar (full Scale): 13 Steps (with Pictures) Black Powder Mortar (full Scale): This 12pdr Coehorn Mortar was built about 5 years ago It was my first full scale mortar I was lucky enough to have access to a large lathe, milling machines and welding equipment at the time Total cost for materials was about $300-$350 I w.
USA MADE CANNONS : HOMEPAGE Welcome To USA MADE CANNONS We Have many selections to choose from We make Cannons and Carriag We have many cannons for sale They are black powder cannons and mortars which are fully functioning, ie they will fire golf balls, soda cans and baseballs We have some scaled reproduction style cannons for re-enactment or your own personal use
Coehorn Mortar 12 Pounder – Full Scale - hernironworks A coehorn /ˈkoʊhɔrn/ (also spelled cohorn) was a portable mortar developed in the Netherlands by Menno van Coehoorn in 1674 and in use from the seventeenth to the mid nineteenth centuri Unlike larger, heavier mortars, the coehorn was designed to be movable by as few as four men
Civil War Coehorn Mortar - antiques - by owner , This is a fully functional, full-scale reproduction 24 Pound Coehorn Mortar built to original Civil War era specifications Not a toy! The tube was cast of naval bronze by ,
Cannons | Steen Cannons | Authentic US military cannons Tredegar Coehorn Mortar The Tredegar Coehorn Mortar is the smallest cannon we offer in the Tredegar Foundry Collection Cast just like the original using gray iron, we insert a steel sleeve with a sub-bore of 462 inches still making this mortar a true 12-pounder
US Model 1838 24-Pounder Coehorn Mortar - Steen Cannons This mortar was reintroduced in 1838 as the 24-pounder Coehorn Mortar A 24-pounder bronze Coehorn mortar weighing 164 pounds by itself, or just under 300 pounds with its four handle bed, could be lugged into action by 2 men, but four men could rush it into many unprepared locations where it could lob explosive shell into masked targets at .
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Siege artillery in the American Civil War - Wikipedia With the 10-inch siege mortars at 875 yards, about 60% of the shells would fall within a 40-yard radius of the target The 13-inch seacoast mortar could be expected to be more accurate (Abbot 1867, p 39) Coehorn mortars were lighter mortars, designed to be brought well forward in the trench