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Clay, compacted volume to weight conversion - aqua-calc Enter volume, select a unit of volume, and specify a material or substance to search for Use * as a wildcard for partial matches, or enclose the search string in double quotes for an exact match Weight of the selected item is calculated using its density and entered volume
02252-Cement Stabilized Sand - Pearland indicated in Section 00300 – Bid Proposal as an Extra Item, measurement will be on a per ton basis A conversion between volumes calculated based on theoretical limits and total weight will be made based on a ratio of 164 tons per cubic yard
SWG-2017-00321 Page 1 of 22 Beaumont, Texas 77701-2437 Jan 30, 2019· Conversion Temporary SWG-2017-00321 Entergy Texas, Inc 350 Pine Street , 1111 CY ACCESS ROAD OUTSIDE SUBSTATION - TXDOT 247 \⠀㠀∀ 䌀伀䴀倀䄀䌀吀䔀䐀尩 - 2222 CY NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION PRELIMINARY ONLY Engineering License #F-845 SWG-2017-00321 , 16 TONS PER AXLE 36 TONS GROSS VEHICLE OVER 36T BY PERMIT ONLY CONTACT .
ITEM 247 FLEXIBLE BASE - Texas Department of Transportation ITEM 247 FLEXIBLE BASE 2471 Description This Item shall govern for the delivery, stockpiling and/or the construction of foundation or base courses as herein specified and in conformity with the typical sections and to the lines and grades shown on the plans or established by the Engineer
Item 247 Flexible Base - ftpdotstatetxus 247 1 Item 247 Flexible Base 1 DESCRIPTION Construct a foundation course composed of flexible base 2 MATERIALS Furnish uncontaminated materials of uniform quality that meet the requirements of the plans and specifications Notify the Engineer of the proposed material sources and of changes to material sourc The
FLEXIBLE BASE 2471 2472 A Aggregate Table 1 Material , ITEM 247 FLEXIBLE BASE 2471 Description Construct a foundation course composed of flexible base 2472 Materials Furnish uncontaminated materials of uniform quality that meet the requirements of the plans and specifications Notify the Engineer of the proposed ,
CITY OF EL PASO BID TABULATION FORM cy $75660 $1935 sidewalk removal and disposal horizone construction 1 ltd el paso, tx , 13 294 tons new 2-inch type c hmac, pg 70-22, txdot item 340 complete in place 10 $20,96100 lf new 4-inch concrete rolled curb , txdot item 247 complete in place $671 $17,91570 $24,29700 brief description of item ,
ADDENDUM NO 3 TO SPECIFICATIONS AND CONTRACT , SPECIFICATIONS AND CONTRACT DOCUMENTS FOR CITY OF DENTON, TEXAS MAYHILL ROAD WIDENING AND IMPROVEMENTS , The requirements of TxDOT Item 508 are applicable , The approximately 50,000 CY of material located at the Denton Landfill noted in Addendum 2, Item 2-17, will be provided free of charge to the Contractor .
How to Determine Quantities - Asphalt Pavement Convert to tons = 834,040 lbs ÷ 2,000 lbs/ton = 417 tons Now it's your turn to try your new skills Using the paving area in Figure 2, calculate the cubic yards of aggregate base and tons of asphalt pavement mixture needed, assuming the following: Areas A & B are to be paved using 4" of Aggregate Base and 3" of asphalt pavement mixture
#57 It is the type of stone typically used for driveways and parking lots Slag and recycled concrete can be used for all the same applications as limestone Many people mistakenly refer to limestone as slag, so if a customer says they want slag, be sure to ask if they really mean limestone Sold by the ton, approximately 15 tons per cubic yard
2004 English Special Provisions to Item 247 - Flexible , TxDOT Specifications - English and Metric , 2004 English Special Provisions to Item 247 - Flexible Base (All) 2004 English Special Provisions by Item (All) , 0052-02-033, 0920-02-087 in Bailey, Liberty Counti Allows flexible Base (Roadway Delivery) to be measured by the ton, any cubic yard method, or by the square yard Includes required .
How many yards in 1 ton of gravel - answers How many cubic yards in a ton depends on what your material is For instance, topsoil has a 1:1 ratio 1 cubic yard of topsoil would be 1 ton, so if you have topsoil, 17 cubic yards would be 17 tons
Development of Improved Information for Estimating , Development of Improved Information for Estimating Construction Time 6 Performing Organization Code 7 Author(s) James T O’Connor, Wai Kiong Chong, Youngki Huh, and Yao-chen Kuo 8 Performing Organization Report No 0-4416-1 9 Performing Organization Name and Address 10 Work Unit No (TRAIS) Center for Transportation Research
American Asphalt Paving Co - Calculator - Asphalt This calculator will estimate the number of tons of asphalt/hot mix that will be required This estimate is based on a density for the mix of 150 lbs per cubic foot Please note that densities will vary somewhat between different mixes, but this value is a standard "rule of thumb" for estimating
2014 TXDOT CONCRETE SPECIFICATIONS - tx-tacaorg one large test case project has already saved TxDOT $1M with much more to come ¤ TxDOT has used crushed concrete aggregate since the mid- 1990’s ¤ TxDOT uses more fly ash than any other DOT at significant cost savings ¤ TxDOT is one of the top DOTs in cement specification innovations
How to Calculate Cubic Yards to Tons | Sciencing May 10, 2018· You might be told the item's weight in pounds instead of tons For example, you might be told that because the soil is damp, it weighs 2,400 pounds per cubic yard Because you want your answer to be in terms of tons per cubic yard, you must convert that weight to tons ,
INDOT Standard Specifications 2014 - ingov rounding to the nearest 5 ft, the conversion should be given as 38 m The proper conversion procedure is to multiply a value by a conversion factor that is more accurate than is required, the result is then rounded to the appropriate number of significant digits
Search Results - txdotgov ITEMS 216 6001 TO 251 6079 ItemsItemsBid Code Range 0100 - 0169 0216 - 0251 0310 - 0360 0400 - 0496 0500,247 6044 FL BS (CMP IN PLC)(TY A GR 4)(FNAL POS CY 1,485000 4962819 2 247 6064 FL BS (CMP IN PLC)(TY A GR 4).
Estimating Quantities in English & Metric Sheet 1 of 9 6/14/16 Estimating Quantities in English & Metric Reference to 2007 NDOR Standard Specifications for Highway Construction
PS&E Preparation Manual: Preparation of Project Estimate Both descriptive codes call for identical material to be delivered to the project site; however, the methods of measurement and payment are different for each item Item 247-6001, Flexible Base (Complete in Place) (Type A Grade 2 Class 1), requires payment for the base by the loose cubic yards in vehicles delivered to the job site as specified .
CITY OF EL PASO BID TABULATION FORM cy river bend pedestrian improvements phase iii - base bid i unit price (in figures) total amount (quantity x unit price) do not round only two decimals unit price (in figures) item no apx qty unit $28,40000 el paso, tx $6200 14 797 sy base course (6-inch thick), type a, grade 1-2 (txdot item 247) sy base course (4-inch thick), type a, grade
Texas Department of Transportation 2004 Texas Department of Transportation 2004 Committee Members: Hua Chen Jim Cravens KC Evans Miles Garrison , • CY Final Position •SY •Ton Item 251 Reworking Base Cours Types of Work (pg 147) , • Used Item 340 and Item 247 wording and requirements where appropriate • Item ,
Section 3: Flexible Base Selection - Texas Department of , These tables show the average low-bid unit prices for individual bid items used in highway construction and highway maintenance projects The data is organized statewide and by district, and the averages are based on 3 consecutive months and 12 consecutive months
Asphalt Mixtures Calculator - Vulcan Materials Company Asphalt Mixtures Calculator Enter the width, length and thickness, then hit the “Calculate” button to calculate your estimate You may also revise the default density value of 145 lbs/cubic ft Actual densities may vary depending on the components of the mix
newtoolscirastatetxus Each bid should include: 1) the unit price per cubic yard (or per ton) bid for the specified graded base material and 2) the location in Glasscock County of the pit or stockpiled material; and shall be signed by the Bidder Each bid must be submitted in a sealed envelope addressed to the Glasscock County Judge
TABULATION SHEET Bid No: 2018-001-6694 Opening Date , Accelerated Critical Path, Inc 5760 Legacy Drive Plano, TX 75024 PH:
TABULATION SHEET Bid No: 2018-001-6694 Opening Date , RECOMMEND FOR AWARD Vendor No 1 Addendums Returned Pavecon Public Works, LP 3022 Roy Orr Blvd Grand Prairie, TX 75050
Cubic Yards to Ton Registers Conversion Calculator Cubic Yards to Ton Registers Converter Use the following calculator to convert between cubic yards and ton registersIf you need to convert cubic yards to other units, please try our universal Capacity and Volume Unit Converter
How many cubic yards in a ton - answers How many cubic yards in a ton is going to depend entirely upon the item in question A ton of feathers will have many more cubic yards than a ton of gravel or dirt , Convert 827 ton sand to .
TxDOT Specifications - dotstatetxus Apr 16, 2004· REFERENCE ITEMS (210) Go to Top 247 - FLEXIBLE BASE SPECIFICATION REQUIREMENTS 1) Specify aggregate type and grade on the plans 2) Do not use additives such as but not limited to lime, cement, or fly ash to modify aggregates to meet the requirements of Table 1, unless shown on the plans